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How to Turn Your Non Touch Screen Laptop Into a Touch Screen Laptop

Imagine an Android device without the touch screen feature, would you be rocking it with flexibility?

Touch screen feature is a feature that is available on some expensive Laptops. Most people using the touch screen laptop can testify how easy and sweet it is using their laptops.

Does that mean any one who cannot afford a touch screen laptop will not use the feature? No, here you learn how to use the touch screen feature on a non touch screen laptop with the use AirBar.

Let's start.
How to Turn a non touch screen laptop to a touch screen laptop with AirBar

An AirBar is a slender strip that you can connect to your laptop via USB. It rest upon your laptop bezel, then blankets the display of your laptop with an unapparent light field called "zForce Air technology" by the company.


It is a good thing that AirBag doesn't require any software to perform it's magic. It is not yet available for OS X Users but at the moment it will work perfectly on Windows 7,8,10 users and even Chromebook device.
The company is still working on a Mac version so, exercise patient if you are a user.


This is what reader concerned about when the find a good device. But no need to panic as this can be affordable by anyone who really wants to buy it. It's just worth a $49 only.

You can use your laptop without keyboard or mouse, and you can also play games and carry out other things through the AirBar.

Read more about AirBar Here

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