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Cheapest Internet Data Plan For All Smartphone and PC In May 2016

Let me start with Glo, because there is one cheapest data plan which I want to present to you.

As we know that Glo NG trying its best in offering cheap internet bundle for Nigerians, with N1,000 you can get normal data of 1.5GB, N2,000 for 3GB, N2,500 for 5GB and many more. Dial *777#, then choose Data Services » Buy Data » Monthly Plans, for the full detail.

Glo Blackberry Plans: Glo bis plan has been scaled down to 2GB For N1,000. Their 3GB bis plan is now N1,400 and N1,500 respectively. I tried their 3GB of N1,400, the way they are deducting it's megabytes not fear at all, it's zaps data a lot while their 3GB of N1,500 plan doesn’t zap the data anyhow, it is ok than the one of N1,400. To Subscribe for any of this plan;
Dial *777*21# For 2GB, it cost N1,000
Dial *777*23# For 3GB and it cost N1,500 or dial *777# and follow the prompt respectively. It works on BB10 and Android devices whose IMEI has been tweaked to BB IMEI.

Those plans are working flawless on all types of phones and PC, excluding the old blackberry phones.  

Glo Night and weekend Data Plan: 
If you have a big file to download over the net or you are such that always surf during the midnight, Globacom now offer you a cheap bundle to enjoy.
1. Night Plan: N200 for 1GB, 1 Day (12.00am – 5.00am)
2. Weekend Plan: N500 for 3GB, for Saturday and Sunday +7Nights from 12am to 5am.
To Subscribe For Glo Night or Weekend Plan
» Simply dial *777# and follow the prompt [Data Services » Buy Data » Night and Weekend plans], then select 1 for Night plan or 2 for weekend plan.
Airtel Unlimited Night Plan: This plan is unlimited, no speed throttling. If you have a big file to download over the net or you are such that always surf during the night, you will really love this plan when you give it a trial.
To Subscribe To The Airtel Night Plan:
» For 1hour plan, dial *481*1#, cost N100
» For 3hours plan, dial *481*2#, cost N300
» For 6hour plan, dial *481*3#, cost N500.

Airtel Weekend Bundle: 1024MB (1GB), for just N100, dial *474*1# to activate. 
Dial 140# to check data balance.
Note: It can only be use on Weekends (Sat – Sun). 

Airtel Data Offer: with N2,000 you can get 4.5GB data, but unfortunately not all Airtel lines will be able to accept this offer, simply dial *440*161# to verify.

Airtel 1+1 Offer: For those who need much data, you can now subscribe to Airtel 9GB with N3,500 and the plan will last for 2months. This is not a new plan, it was launched in October  2014.Initially, this plan was officially stopped, but is back again. As usual, not all sim are eligible for this offer, simply dial *438*1# to check if you are eligible.

Other Available Airtel Data Plans

  1.  For 1GB Data plan: dial *141*1*3# to subscribe, cost N1,000 and valid for 30 days.
  2. For 3GB - BB plan, but work for all devices: dial *440*16# to subscribe, cost N1,500 and valid for 30 days.
  3. For 4GB - Android Bundle: dial *437*1# Cost N2,000 and valid for 30 days.
  4. For 9GB - Android Bundle: dial *438*1# Cost N3,500, Valid for 30days.
  5. For 1GB Android Bundle, dial *496#, cost N1,000, valid for 30days, .
Those plans are working flawless on all types of phones and PC.

MTN Daily Unlimted Data Promo With Just #150
This is another means of surfing unlimited, it is a perfect data plan for heavy downloading/streaming, but unfortunately, MTN N150 unlimited data plan is for selected MTN sim cards. If your MTN Sim is among of  the lucky Sim cards. You might have received a message from MTN asking you to load N150 and enjoy unlimited browsing. You can as well try dialing the code just in case you think you might have missed the SMS.
To Know If Your Sim is Eligible
» Dial *567*59#  and reply with 1 to activate it if you are eligible, hen you are good to go.

MTN Surprise Data Offer
These are 2 different data package recently introduced by Mtn. You can say goodbye to Mtn data plans via third party data re-sellers because this is cheaper than their own.
To Subscribe For Mtn Surprise Data Offer
» 1.3GB cost N1,000. Text 106 to 131 to subscribe, valid for 30days.

» 3.75GB cost N2,000. Text 110 to 131 to subscribe, valid for 30days.

The above Data bundles work for all types of device.

This network just keeps silent, no new update yet about their data plan, if etisalat is the only better network in your locality, you can still manage their old data packages.

  1. For 1GB: dial *929*9#, cost N1000 and last for 30 days.
  2. For 1GB: dial *229*10*10#, cost N500 and last for 24 hours. This plan is known as an emergency plan.
  3. For 1GB: dial *5995*2#, cost N1,000. Last for 3 Days (Weekends plan).
  4. For 2GB: dial *229*2*8#, cost N2,000, valid for 30days.
  5. For 4.5GB: dial *229*2*9#, cost N3500, valid for 30days.
Those plans are working flawless on all types of phones and PC.

Do you know any other Best and Affordable data plan? Kindly share it with us via comment box.

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